TTU Program - Dual Program - Ivy League Program


?  From 6th to 27th July 2020
? For students from 10 to 19 years old and parents

? Itinerary:
> 6th -10th / 07/ 2020: Students and Parents from VN to LA
> 10th -18th / 07/ 2020: Students and Parents from LA to Texas
> 18th -24th / 07/ 2020: Parents from TTU to East Coast
> 24th -27th / 07/ 2020: Students from TTU to Houston
> 24th -27th / 07/ 2020: Parents from East Coast to Houston
> 27th / 07/ 2020: Students and Parents from Houston to VN

1️⃣ Stage 1: ENJOY
? LOS ANGELES: 6th – 10th July 2020
Disneyland – Hollywood – Universal Studios – Griffith Observatory

2️⃣ Stage 2: EXPERIENCES
? TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY (TTU): 10th – 18th July 2020
– Stay at the TTU dormitory
– Enjoy TTU campus tour with its amazing Spanish architecture
– Study daily lesson by section with TTU professors
– Play sport at TTU Sport complex
– Study performing arts at TTU Performing Arts Center
– Discover and widen up your imagination through science at the lab and TTU science museum
– Study science in groups under TTU professors’ guidance
– Camp around the caves and the river surround TTU
– Learning about the American tribe’s culture in Texas
– Campfire with TTU international students
– Make friends and build relationships and camaraderie

3️⃣ Stage 3: EXPLORING
? TTU CENTER AT JUNCTION: 18th – 24th July 2020 at The Outdoor Learning Center:
The Outdoor Learning Center (OLC) provides STEM-based curriculum that incorporates hands-on, inquiry based learning aligned with the state-mandated curriculum that teaches K-12 students science through use of the outdoor environment. The curriculum was developed in partnership with Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Tech’s T-STEM Center, Lower Colorado River Authority, the National Park Service, and school districts. With over 20 content areas to choose from, a specialized schedule can be made to meet your schools environmental education needs:

Aquatic Biology – Geology – Circuits – Understanding Watersheds – Astronomy – Night Predation – Quail CSI – Biodiversity – Orienteering – Lepidoptery – Field Ornithology – Quail Necropsy – Wind Energy – Stream Flow – Advanced Pedology – Advanced Watersheds

4️⃣ Stage 4: DISCOVERING
? NASA Central in Houston: 24th – 27th July 2020

?  Ages 10-13
– Houston We Have a Problem – Study the historical significance of Apollo 13 and recreate the CO2 scrubber problem that astronauts and Mission Control had to resolve in order for the crew to return home safely. Communication and teamwork are key as you solve problems and test solutions for the success of your mission.

– Lunar Mystery – Something has happened to the crew headed to the Moon and it is up to your team to determine if they are safe or not. Work as a team to solve various challenges, which unlock boxes to your next mission. The clock is ticking!

– Rover Rush! – Learn about how rovers are used on the Moon to explore and then start your own mission of exploration. Getting the code or programming correct for the rover is key to the successful completion of tasks. In this challenge, be the first rover to reach the valuable samples on the Moon using the most efficient coding program.

?  Ages 14-19
– Thermal Protection System – Can you stop the extreme heat from reaching your eggsplorer? Design, build and test a heat shield to protect your eggstronaut from the extreme temperatures upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

– Engineering for the Extreme Cold – Space is an exceedingly cold place and NASA engineers must prepare spacecraft for this extreme environment. Design, build and test your own cryogenic capsules and analyze the data from the liquid nitrogen test.

– Lunar Lock Out – Do you have what it takes to establish your place on the Moon? Work as a team to solve various challenges, which unlock boxes to your next mission. The clock is ticking!

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