TTU Program - Dual Program - Ivy League Program


Dinh Thi Hoang Lien



Ms. Liên has a B.A. in Preschool Education and Preschool Education Management and has been managing for 8 years.

“Welcome to parents and congratulations to children who are members of the ST. NICHOLAS Family – where the kids will experience and explore the infinitely colorful world on a few youngest years of their lives.

We use the Reggio Emilia method – an innovative and inspiring approach to kindergarten education. Our motto of being child-centered means all children’s thoughts, activities and ideas play an important role in guiding the curriculum. In particular, we pay close attention to the relationship between the environment, the teachers and the children, thereby understanding what the children think and need to reach the full potential of each individual.

The kindergarten environment is always friendly, intimate and creative, making it a second home for us that is always full of laughter and an ideal place to DISCOVER THE WORLD.

We are the ST. NICHOLAS Family!”

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School year 2020 - 2021
Zalo: 0931 121 953
Tel: 0931 121 966