TTU Program - Dual Program - Ivy League Program


The only Integrated Program in Danang City is developed on the basis of the Vietnamese MoET, applied to all Primary, Middle, and High School. For each grade level with supplementary subjects, there will be an intensive CEP (Co-curriculum Enrichment Programs).
For the Vietnamese program, students will study the MoET program.

For the English program, students will study the main subjects of the US system: Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, Language Arts (English Language), and CEP (vocation, skilled clubs, elective subjects (dance, drama, French, filmmaking, journalism, photography, designing, …)

This education system will be integrated the Vietnamese and the American Program from Grade 1 to 12 to create opportunities for Vietnamese students to achieve both the National Vietnamese diploma as well as certificates of completion of American subjects, including standardized English certificates.

There will be two main studying stages:
– Basic stage (Primary and middle school: Grade 1 to Grade 9)
– Career-oriented education period (High school: Grade 10 – Grade 12)

Primary & Middle schools:
– All subjects are in the curriculum framework of the MoET by grade level
– Integrating 4 additional fields according to American general education standards: English, Language, Social Studies, Science, Co-curricular Enrichment Programs (CEP *)
– There are also elective subjects: French, Dance, Drama, Storytelling, Debating, …
– Grades 8 & 9 will start attending career-oriented classes.

High school level
– All subjects are in the curriculum framework of the MoET
– Integrating new subjects: Social Studies (Personal Finance, Psychology, Sociology,…), Science (Astronomy, Environment, …), IT (Web-design, digital media, communications, …), Co-curricular Enrichment Programs (CEP *)
– This is organized in the form of credits, divided into required or optional course modules
– There are close academic advisors
– High school students will study standardized English subjects for international students: TOEFL / IELTS / SAT … to prepare for building capacity profiles and study abroad strategies for students to study in the US or other English speaking countries.
* Co-curricular Enrichment Programs (CEP) of the school, including Creative Writing, STEM, Sports, Reading Club, Modern Dance / Ballet, Making Film / Photography, Press / Radio, Drama, Field trips (with community service, life skills, survival skills, social studies …), Annual Young Debaters Championship….

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School year 2020 - 2021
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