TTU Program - Dual Program - Ivy League Program


At St. Nicholas School applies the Reggio Emilia methodology to convey not only American academic content but also deeply applies to extracurricular activities for Kindergarteners such as Art, Language, Fun & Creative Activities, and Social Discovery … with foreign teachers.

The main curriculum for developing kindergarteners according to the following skills:
– Building independence, self-service
– Gross motor: Physical development
– Fine motor: Brain development, ingenuity
Based on native English environment:
– Multi-national classmates
– Preschool teachers from the USA, Canada …

The Kindergarten begins at 18 months of age and allows children to experience the classroom through 3 free trial registration sessions.

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School year 2020 - 2021
Zalo: 0931 121 953
Tel: 0931 121 966