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At St. Nicholas School, a project-based learning (PBL) approach is applied not only for teaching specific subjects and cross-curriculars but also for personal and group projects.

The two different types of projects at St. Nicholas School are personal projects and group projects.  These cover a wide range of fields and areas such as: 

  • Science Projects
  • Social Studies Projects
  • Community Projects
  • Small-Scale Business Projects

 The two different approaches at St. Nicholas School for PBL are projects recommended by the school and projects proposed by the students. 

St. Nicholas School will announce new projects on its website, in its newspaper called The St. Nicholas Herald Tribune, and on newsboards. Individuals and groups can register and are required to prove their liability and eligibility for the projects they choose before the school board. Groups can be composed of classmates or schoolmates of different grade levels.

The school will assign and sponsor teachers of specific subjects and experts of specialized fields to be in charge of approved projects. St. Nicholas School encourages students to follow the second approach in order to make full use of their creativity and problem solving skills. 

Projects are exclusively made available to middle and high school students.


MUN - Model United Nation

Model United Nations at St. Nicholas School trains students to be eloquent and effective communicators. They will learn skills such as presentation and rhetoric debating when representing countries as Heads of State. At MUN, students will practice protecting their country’s national interests in the debates and disputes of global issues. 

Students themselves create a MUN organizing committee for a term of one year with a full and genuine personnel structure:

  • President
  • Secretary General
  • Subcommittees
  • Councils

This acts as a very important environment at St.Nicholas School because it nurtures leadership and communication-based negotiation skills.

MUN activities at St. Nicholas School occur once per year with meeting sessions taking place on two separate days. This is a result of a long-run working process of the organizing board which consists of:

  • PR
  • Delegates Selection
  • Delegates’ Training 

This special occasion is organized by the Student Council and exclusively reserved for high school students.


Simulated Lawsuits

Once a month, the space and atmosphere of St. Nicholas Theatre Hall is arranged and decorated to become a classic court. Here students will reconstruct world-famous lawsuits whether they be real life or fictional, such as from books by Sir. A. Conan Doyle.

Students and teachers at St. Nicholas School will take roles of :

  • Judge
  • Jury
  • Barrister
  • Attorney
  • Prosecutor
  • Defendant
  • Witnesses
  • Victims
  • Audiences

This serves as an extremely useful tool in promoting command of English proficiency for our middle and high school students, as well as instilling legal logic and insights.

 The Student Council will play an important role in making this activity possible.

Choosing A Photography School 2


Photography is a very creative and insightful means of storytelling. St. Nicholas School provides the necessary support and encouragement with great equipment and facilities. 

We provide a wonderful learning space for photography at our school studio with instruction by foreign photographers.

The creative activities for photography will take place during field trips strictly managed and supervised by the school in the interest of students’ safety and comfort. Parents and teachers are encouraged to take part in such field trips.

Once a semester, St. Nicholas School will hold an exhibit for artworks by students, teachers, and parents created during field trips. There is a fund-raising event on campus in the form of an auction for scholarships.

This enrichment program is reserved for middle and high school students.


Film Making

Making short films in the English language is another wonderful project activity for students at St. Nicholas School. This project-based teamwork is done on and outside the school campus under the authorization and strict supervision of the school.

The film-making team is structured completely as follows :

  • Director
  • Production Director
  • Cameramen
  • Designers
  • Assistants
  • Technicians
  • Actors
  • Actresses

The school provides a studio facility on campus for students to shoot short scenes. For special scenes, film shooting may be done outside.

Aspects of the film making process such as scripts, casting, shooting and post-scene procedures are completed separately and independently.

St. Nicholas School sponsors and assigns foreign teachers and experts to be in charge of the projects and to instruct and support students. 

This enrichment program is exclusively reserved for middle and high school students.


Creative Writing

A Creative Writing Club will be held at St. Nicholas School on a weekly basis and is reserved for late primary students, middle and high school students.

Teachers are native English speakers specially trained in creative writing at the college level. Creative Writing Club meetings will be organized on and off of the school campus.

The composing field trips are organized by the school for writing talents. Book review and introduction activities are also conducted via the Creative Writing Club and in the school library, whose audiences are teachers, students and parents.

Nurturing creative thinking and unlimited imagination by the use of language helps passionate students to sharpen their skills and abilities. Together with putting English language training first and foremost, the Creative Writing Club acts as a huge measure in implementing our policy to use English as the first language and medium of instruction.



First and unique in Vietnamese schools, the middle and high school students at St.Nicholas School are granted the dream opportunity to operate and manage their news agencies at St. Nicholas School with:

  • A Newspaper called the St. Nicholas Herald Tribune
  • The St. Nicholas Youtube TV Channel

The school and Student Councils of middle and high school will co-organize the personnel structure of the 2 news agencies in the form of test-based selection for the following positions:

  •  Editor-in-Chief
  • Managing Editor
  • Deputy Managing Editor
  • Secretary
  • Editorial Board
  • Editors
  • Reporters

The leaders take charge for a period of one semester. The school will issue a confirmation form in recognition of a student’s participation as part of preparatory process for the pathway to American top schools.

Students are provided with an editorial office and a studio on campus for their recording, editing and production process.

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