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In putting track and field at the forefront of physical training at St. Nicholas School, running and cardiovascular health will be of utmost importance.

Students are trained just like professional runners on a weekly basis every Wednesday afternoon at the city’s stadium.

The practice covers distance running from 50m, 100m, 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2000m and especially a 5000-meter marathon, as well as running in the forms of sprint, marathon and team relay.

Each student’s own athletic record of performance and achievement is kept and analyzed over a period of time.

Council Rock North's Dana Bandurick clears the bar in the high jump-S

Long and High Jump

Jumping at St. Nicholas School, like running, is trained in a professional manner every Wednesday by professional athletes.

Students are trained in jumping at the city’s stadium and in various kinds of practice including:

  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • Pole Vault

 Jumping is exclusively reserved for middle and high school students.



Badminton training and practice activities take place on a daily basis during and outside study hours at St. Nicholas School’s campus.

The school provides an Olympic-standard badminton court which will be reserved for middle and high school students for the use of a tournament: class representatives compete by rounds during the entire school year.

St. Nicholas School selects the best players for the school team to compete in badminton tournaments at international schools in and outside Vietnam.



We place special emphasis on swimming at St. Nicholas International School.  Swimming goes far beyond physical training and relaxation – it is a matter of survival skills. St. Nicholas School creates the best possible conditions for weekly practice at the city’s swimming center at Tuyen Son Sports Complex.

St. Nicholas School holds an annual swim competition in an international format and selects the best swimmers to send to international contests. 

Professional swim training at the school is reserved for primary, middle and high school students.



Acting as the most original and unique feature at St. Nicholas School, mountaineering is practiced right at the school’s facility. At the same time, regular mountaineering field trips are organized in a nature setting for primary, middle and high school grade levels.

Mountaineering is instructed by professional trainers and practiced on a daily basis at the school’s facility.  Mountaineering is a sport that emphasizes fitness, safety, and independence.



Being a school on the beautiful Han River, St. Nicholas School created a kayaking club for high school students who possess an extreme passion for the sport, while at the same time encouraging foreign teachers to join in for training and practice on a weekly basis.

The Kayak Club will be associated with Danang City Kayak Club.



Soccer matches are held on the school’s Sports Day at the city’s stadium every Wednesday.

Soccer is reserved for primary, middle and high school students at St. Nicholas School.



St. Nicholas School provides a basketball court of international quality right at the campus and offers professional training for primary, middle, and high school students during official study hours.

The school and the Student Council organize an annual basketball championship between class teams organized by rounds after which selected players are assigned to compete in tournaments between international schools inside and outside Vietnam.

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