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Innovation is one of three core values at the St. Nicholas International School in its pursuit of equipping students with real life skills. In this new technological era, STEM education will be delivered to students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

The school has built a STEM Lab along with science labs as St. Nicholas School believes it is of great importance to implement practical American ways of thinking.


Science Fair

Science Fair events are organized by the school and student councils at the middle and high school levels. They are reserved for all students of the school, as well as some guest students from other schools, and are featured as one of the main festive activities of the whole academic year.

Each science fair is a huge project with the participation of the school’s Advisory Board composed of subject teachers and executed by Student Councils.  They are to be specifically named as the Science Sub-Committee.


Independent Research

Science and STEM education are in need of a private enterprise and a passion for exploration and research. St. Nicholas School puts the development and training of independent research skills first and foremost as a foundation for their future academic success in the United States and other western countries.

In personal and group research projects, St. Nicholas School encourages students to direct their research toward solving authentic, real-life problems.   This approach not only teaches students to apply their knowledge to real-world issues, but to realize how science and technology has the potential to raise our standard of living and change our world for the better.

Research and development into the field of robotics will be an integral part of a student’s STEM education at St. Nicholas School. To aid in the development of these skills, the school will turn to experts and scientists in the field for further support.



Math is one of the cornerstones of STEM education.

Math clubs are held on a weekly basis for primary to high school grade levels.  These Honor Class style clubs are exclusively reserved for those with a passion and talent for Math.

Math Honors Classes (MHC) at St. Nicholas School orient talented students into solving real-life practical math problems, through which students gain an understanding of the beauty of the subject, just as Albert Einstein is quoted as saying : “Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas”.

At the same time, the school’s record keeping of the Math Honors Classes will contribute greatly to the student’s overseas study profile for higher chances of admission into top universities in the United States and other western countries.


Coding Club

Coding Clubs at St. Nicholas School are intellectual playgrounds that act as an integral part of the school’s STEM education to support students with a passion for computer science to their fullest potential.

St. Nicholas School organizes coding clubs for primary late grade levels and all grades through middle and high school levels under the instruction of foreign subject teachers.

All students joining the clubs are required to have their own laptops to optimize and personalize this creative learning activity.

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School year 2021 - 2022