The Study Abroad Consultancy Department at St. Nicholas School always accompanies learners throughout the journey of preparing their study abroad procedures. With the goal  of providing learners with the most optimal services, including:

  1. Professional consulting service, is designed according to the route for learners at IvyPrep, more specifically as follows:
  2. Consulting and designing according to the own route suitable for each learner, including both learning pathway and preparation of international certificates: SAT, AP, TOEFL / IELTS
  3. Orienting career, discipline suitable for learners’ abilities and interests and leading career trend in the world
  4. Consulting on choosing the school with the highest acceptance rate
  5. Guiding on participating in extracurricular activities (building personal projects, social activity, volunteering, aptitude, participating in scientific competition,…)
  6. Supporting learners in searching for valuable scholarships that are suitable for the learners’ abilities
  7. Guiding on application for scholarship and financial aid for 4 school years
  8. Guiding on preparing CV (resume), impressive portfolio.
  9. Guiding on forming essay ideas with topics that impress the selection committee, editing the essay according to American style standards but still with personal characteristic.
  10. Guiding on how to write and choose the right person for writing a letter of recommendation.


Parents and students, for advice on choosing a school and major, please contact 0898 233 738 (Tel/Zalo) or hoang[email protected] for support

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