In the 4.0 era, with the intense explosion of information technology and especially in the context of the current COVID-19 epidemic, technology applications to connect online are considered an effective solution. For students, this creates opportunities and effectively supports the learning process. However, with that comes the negative effects that social networks create.

So how to become more civilized when communicating online and effectively using social networks?

1. Understanding others

Understand who you are communicating with to behave appropriately. Communicating with teachers is different from communicating with friends. We should always keep an attitude of listening, respecting, and understanding the words of the online communicator as if we were communicating in person.

2. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Put yourself in the other person’s perspective. Each person has a story in a different situation. When you change your perspective to accept the others’ perspective, you will become more open and effective when communicating.

3. Respect others

You can absolutely share and express your opinion about something, but remember the feelings of viewers and listeners. Ask yourself the question: How would you like to be treated? Are you treating others that way?

4. Think and openness

Think deeply about information you receive and keep an open mind before responding or jumping to conclusions. Maybe you missed something, but paying attention to the elements will help you communicate more effectively.

5. Delicate and Objective

You need to be delicate to feel other people’s situations and stories. Why does the person feel this way? What’s the point of their situation? Am I being objective when looking at their problem or story?

Respect and understanding in online communication will help you become the 4.0 civilized citizens.

Let’s become the 4.0 civilized citizens, Nicholasers!

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