The first stage of transition from Kindergarten to Primary School will be confusing and difficult for children. Therefore, parents need to accompany their children to prepare:

Prepare their mind to be a 1st grader

Nearly the Summer holiday in Kindergarten, parents should talk to their children about their child’s transfer to a new school, a new grade level next year. Parents can take their children to visit the new school, show them the classrooms, tables, chairs, boards, etc., and explain how they will learn there.

Parents can buy school things for their children in advance and teach them how to take care of those items. Parents should try to introduce positive, interesting things in Primary school to make children more curious.

6 bước chuẩn bị vào lớp 1 trường St. Nicholas

Help them get familiar with the rules and standards of a primary school

Talk with your children daily with stories related to the school environment such as: keeping order in class, raising hands to ask for permission of the teachers when giving speeches or going out, lining up when entering classes, standing up to greet the teachers, etc.

Children can be taught different skills such as drawing, coloring, writing letters, sitting neatly in 30 to 45 minutes, etc. This also helps increase the child’s ability to concentrate and pay attention, which is very useful for children when entering the first class.

6 bước chuẩn bị vào lớp 1 trường St. Nicholas

Develop their self-care ability

In fact, some independent skills are already formed when children attend preschool. Parents should spend time training their children to master some other skills such as: changing clothes by themselves, arranging school things neatly into the bags, etc.

6 bước chuẩn bị vào lớp 1 trường St. Nicholas

Develop their communication abilities and confidence

There are several communication abilities such as listening, answering, asking, and pronouncing. Of course, these abilities were taught in kindergartens to a limited extent, but several children are still not used to them. Parents can bring their children to participate in social activities and interact with more people before entering 1st grade.

Develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills

By talking, asking, and answering children some basic knowledge in order to arouse their curiosity, thinking abilities, and language usage skills. It is recommended for parents, to do this every day, little by little, and in different ways. For example, watch a science movie with your child, then make some questions for them to think about and answer.

Introduce words and numbers

You should only help them get familiar with recognizing letters, drawing, counting numbers, etc. You can teach your children how to hold pens, sit in the correct posture, and write their own names on their utensils and books when needed.

If you are well-prepare, you can rest assured that in the next school year, your children will find joy when entering 1st grade!

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