On the afternoon of November 19, 2021, St. Nicholas successfully organized the Teachers’ Day Celebration to thank teachers and school staff for their dedication and efforts.

This year’s Celebration, despite the absence of students, took place in an intimate and warm atmosphere. Students are at home, but they always look to their teachers with gratitude, respect, and affection with simple and pretty cards made by themselves and sent to their teachers could not help but be touched. The innocent and sincere wishes of the beloved students are invaluable gifts that happy teachers receive on these memorable and meaningful days.

Happy Teacher’s Day. I am really lucky to have you as my teachers. Thank you for guiding me and for experience me to do well in my study.  Wish you have a wonderful time today.

Yuki – Grade 3

My name is Bach Tung, Grade 10. On Teacher’s Day, I would like to wish all teachers the best wishes, you are like my second parents, I respect and admire you very much.  I hope everyone in education industry has a very happy and fulfilling Teacher’s Day. I will try to study so as not to disappoint my teachers.

Jame – Grade 10

Over the past time, SNS teachers have actively participated in contests and activities organized by EQuest Group. Also in this celebration program, Equest Educational Group and SNS awarded honors and certificates to the teachers. Congratulations to Mr. Nguyen Van Quy on excellently winning the title: “EQUEST INSPIRING EDUCATORS 2021” from EQuest Education Group with the initiative: Using simple physics experiments – Students can do it themselves at home before and during online classes.” At the same time, congratulate Ms. Tran Nguyen Yen Vi on the initiative: “Life skills education for junior high school students through homework”. Besides, congratulations to Ms. Hoang Thi Thu Loi for winning the third prize in the photo contest: Miss photo EQuest. Hope that the spirit of innovation will continue to be maintained and promoted by the teachers!

The celebration ended with a warm and friendly light party; everyone enjoyed mingling, drinking and eating.

“A teacher is like a candle that burns itself to light the world of others.”

Wish SNS teachers and staff always to be healthy, happy, and enthusiastic with mission of “planting people”, a candle that shines forever to illuminate and inspire generations of students.

All pictures: https://www.facebook.com/stnicholasschooldanang/posts/955700918371540

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