A Unique Investment Opportunity at St. Nicholas School

Thank you all who joined us Sunday morning for our exciting seminar with Immica EB-5.  We’re very excited to work with Immica EB-5 to help provide the families of St. Nicholas with sound financial opportunities, especially when those come with unique visa benefits for you and your family.
Partnered with the US company, Lightstone, Immica EB-5 shared a unique investment opportunity with the families in attendance yesterday, and we would like to extend that information to you now.
As discussed during the seminar, the company Lightstone shared with us a unique opportunity to invest in their newest building venture, the soon to be completed NYU Marriott in New York City.
Along with the many benefits of investing in a strong and stable business venture such as the NYU Marriott, investors with Immica EB-5 are guaranteed a permanent visa to live 
and work in the US.  
Please contact us for more information on this unique investment opportunity.