St. Nicholas School offers a full American academic curriculum for both Vietnamese and International students. Partnering with University of Missouri, Florida Virtual School (FLVS), after successfully completing the academic programs at St. Nicholas School, your child will receive a fully accredited high school diploma.

This diploma will allow students to be admitted to universities in the USA and abroad. Students would also be required to meet the specific performance requirements of the desired university, which would include high performance on SAT/ACT, and a strong academic grade point average, along with other factors such as community service, and letters of recommendation. St. Nicholas School will provide intensive training and support, to ensure that students excel in SAT/ACT performance.

St. Nicholas School is determined to do its best to prepare its students for a U.S. college career, not only in matters of accreditation and qualification, but also in critical thinking, study skills, academics, and American culture.

From the 2020-2021 school year, St. Nicholas School is partnering with the University of Missouri – one of the top research universities in the US to provide another fully accredited high school diploma program at St. Nicholas School. The program is directly under Mizzou Academy (founded in 1857) as a part of the College of Education ranking top 50 in education. Graduates from the Mizzou K-12 program are academically distinguished and have been admitted to thousands of universities in the USA and abroad. Over 30 top American universities are offering scholarships to Mizzou K-12 graduates. Apart from excellent academic results ensured by Mizzou K-12, St. Nicholas School will provide additional intensive SAT/ACT training, high-order skill and American culture emergence opportunities, community service, and extracurricular activities, which are also very important for admission into top U.S. colleges and universities.