To become the first facility that creates world’s class educational environment in Da Nang, supporting the development of every student in their learning career.


St. Nicholas School aims to develop the characteristics of 21st-century learners by instilling the values of integrity, creativity, and empathy through Vietnamese and International education programs, which are accredited and recognized, through a humane and advanced educational environment. Modern and friendly facilities; a team of international and Vietnamese teachers who expertise and pedagogy.


By adopting a patron saint’s name, the Board of Directors of The St. Nicholas School would like to build a dream school, one associated with a friendly, fairy-tale figure such as Santa Claus, a figure all students know and love.

In addition, we would like our students to learn and inherit the philosophy that St. Nicholas devoted his whole life to achieve. Students in the school will not only know how to dream but dream amazingly – the dream of finding their true selves in the universe and in knowing what they will be in the future. In that journey, the students will be trained to learn about Integrity, Creativity, and Empathy. These are the three core characteristic values we would like to build at the school. Each student at St. Nicholas School will be trained holistically to reach their dream careers, as well as making good contributions in the community, just as St. Nicholas had done throughout his life.