Most young children cry a lot in the first days of school because of anxiety and fear when they leave their parents’ arms and meet strangers. In order for children to feel loved, closed and safe from the first day of school, SNS creates the best conditions for children to integrate and quickly get acquainted with teachers and friends easily.

  • Classroom atmosphere is organized friendly like a small family. Vietnamese and foreign teachers lead each class to help children closely monitor their psychological, physical, and thinking development every day.
  • The classroom is decorated in accordance with the age with many lively materials, rich toys for children to explore and experience freely. 
  • Spacious outdoor playground creates conditions for children to exercise, play and develop physically.
  • Intuitive educational method, stimulating audiovisual, interactive, and creative to help children always be in an active position and like to experience and learn without being forced.
  • Teachers are close, caring, and loving, creating trust and excitement in all activities at school.
  • SNS respects the diversity of each child. Children are free to express their personality and abilities and develop in their way.

With guidance and love, teachers at SNS will bring the best experiences to children in the first grades of life so that school is truly a child’s second home!

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