What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a question everyone will be asked at least once in their life. Building a clear career path right from the middle school years, St. Nicholas gives students the opportunity to identify and discover themselves so that they can find their own answers and confidently pursue their future careers.

Acquire necessary career skills from secondary school

Secondary school is the right time for students to approach the most basic concepts of their profession. At SNS, right from the middle school, experiential and career-oriented activities are included in the main academic content. The subjects give students an initial understanding of the profession, thereby having a sense of career guidance for themselves. This is also the right time for students to start learning and supplementing their knowledge of basic career skills. Through the learning process, contests, projects or field trips, etc., SNS students are trained in leadership skills, communication, presentation, critical thinking, teamwork,… This platform makes career orientation at high school easier.

SNS students have career orientation in their middle school

Satisfy the demand of accessing different careers since high school

At the stage of career-oriented education (high school), the educational contents at SNS are expanded to better meet the needs of differentiation and access to careers. Students can take additional electives in one of the five areas of specialization: STEM, Business and Industry, Arts and Humanities, Multidisciplinary Studies, and Business and Industry. In addition, Mizzou’s curricula such as Critical Thinking, Study Skills, Public Speaking, etc. provide diverse options for students to meet their aspirations and needs of accessing to different careers and develop their potential.

High school students are taught vocational subjects

In addition, the extracurricular activities program with many clubs built by the school specifically for each grade level also makes it easier for students to choose careers that match their abilities and personal interests. Clubs such as: Debating and Court Simulation, Creative Writing, Sports, Reading, Modern Dance/ Ballet, Filmmaking/ Photography, Journalism/ Radio, Theater Musical, etc., are places to nurture student’s passion, an environment for them to practice their knowledge and skills to support their future careers.

More options from the Career Webinar

From the 2021-2022 school year, St. Nicholas School started a partnership with the Ivy Global Online School (a member of the EQuest Education Group) to organize online career seminars. Students will hear from businesses and industry leaders from the United States and around the world about choosing the right career after they graduate. The school also supports students step by step to complete their application for admission to foreign universities.

From 2021-2022, SNS students can participate in online Career Workshops from the US

Building an early career path for students, SNS hopes that each individual will constantly strive to pursue dreams and goals, mastering their future; become happy citizens, useful to family and society.

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