AP exams usually include knowledge from many diverse subjects such as Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, French, German, Polish, and Latin…

Depending on the subjects that candidates register for, the AP exam structure will have certain changes. But basically, an AP test will last about 3 1/2 hours with two sections: multiple choice and free response. These two sections both account for 50% of the final score of the AP exam. 

  • Multiple-choice part

The first part of the exam usually consists of multiple-choice questions.

– You will choose 1 of 4–5 answer choices for each question.

– Your total exam score on the multiple-choice section is based only on the number of questions answered correctly. You won’t receive or lose points for incorrect answers or unanswered questions.

  • Free-response part

The second part of the exam usually consists of free-response questions that require you to generate your own responses. Depending on the exam, your responses could be in the form of an essay, a solution to a problem, or a spoken response.


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