St. Nicholas has officially become one of the members of College Board

From 2001, St. Nicholas (SNS) has been one of the 6000 school and institution members of College Board. Accordingly, SNS has been authorized by the College Board to organize AP exams in Vietnam, and to conduct several AP courses beginning 2022.

With the aim of not only being a testing center, but also the place to help students fulfill their goals in achieving a high score in AP exams, to start their studying abroad dream. AP courses at St Nicholas passed the rigid AP course audit, ensuring that the contents and quality of these courses adhere to the criteria set by the College Board. Students at SNS now have the opportunity to access the American university level, and uplift their study abroad profile.

AP courses and exams

AP (Advanced Placement) is a very popular study program in high schools in the US. The AP exams and courses are designed by the College Board specifically for high school students in grades 11 and 12. This form of learning acts as a bridge between high school and college, meaning that AP gives students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. Currently, in Vietnam, there are only certain international high schools that administer and train students for AP exams, including St Nicholas School (SNS).

Students who attend the AP program, and score high in these AP exams, will use these results to demonstrate to the admission committees that they are academically qualified for undergraduate and graduate programs. They will also have outstanding advantages such as:

  • Standing out among the candidates
  • Receiving college credits while still in high schools, saving time and money
  • Getting more exposure to university program
  • Applying for prestigious scholarships and merit-based financial aids

Interesting Facts:

  • US Government has invested billions of dollars to expand AP program around the world
  • 70% of public high schools offer at least 1 AP course / 38 subjects
  • Number of students taking AP courses: 2.6 million (2020)
  • Number of exams held in 2020: 4.6 million (2020)
  • On average, each student takes 2 AP exams
  • College Board also built a huge data system of resource and assessment questions and to support students’ learning process


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