The annual full-tuition/partial scholarship at the St. Nicholas School is awarded to talented students with outstanding academics results and social activities participation to and supports them on their way to “Light up the American dreams”.
This is a golden opportunity for students to improve and develop their abilities in the advanced curriculum of the US Education System and experience a world-class educational environment in Danang.

Youn Chang Bin and Youn Su bin successfully achieved the SNS annual scholarship

After 3 rounds of challenging exams, SNS found the owners of its prestigious annual scholarships. Congratulations to:
– Youn Chang Bin – 8th grade: Won a 100% full tuition scholarship.
– Youn Su Bin – 6th grade: Won a partial scholarship of 50% of the tuition fee.

Youn Chang Bin and Youn Su Bin with their families at the scholarship award ceremony

They are excellent students who are always eager to learn, make constant efforts with a passion for knowledge and social activities. School of St. Nicholas wishes you to keep up the spirit, continue achieve goals and be successful in the new school year of 2021-2022.

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