This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will be without drums, antique trays, and crowded fun activities, but there is an equally exciting contest with extremely attractive prizes for Nicholasers.

With this contest, Nicholasers are encouraged to decorate masks with the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival, thereby sending messages about the sense of health and protection: Don’t forget to wear a mask!

1. Contestants

All students at St. Nicholas

2. Products

  •  Students draw and decorate masks with images related to the Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Each student can decorate up to 2 products (2 masks)
  • Students are free to choose all materials to unleash their creativity

3. Assessment criteria

  •  Mask decorated with characteristics of Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Products must be personal, not copied.
  • Creative and unique elements.

#Note: Organizing Committee will not choose products that infringe on copyright issues or are not suitable for the contest theme.

4. Time and product submission

  •  Students submit their products before 12:00pm on September 17, 2021

     Submission form:

    – Each student sends back the BTC with photos:

    + Product photos (masks have been completely decorated)

    + Selfie with a mask (students wear masks and take selfies) Encourage selfies with the whole family

    –  Email subject: Mid-Autumn theme mask decoration contest

    – Email content:

    + Student Name – Grade …

    + Caption briefly describes the idea/message shown in the product along with the attached image file

5. Time and how to vote

  • Organizing committee summarizes products and organizes voting on the Fanpage:
  • Time: 9:00am on September 18, 2021 – 12:00pm on September 20, 2021
  • Parents and students call to vote for their products:
    1 Like/Love = 1 point
    1 share = 2 points

Wish Nicholasers successfully create their products and have meaningful moments with this year’s moon season.

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