Good afternoon all teachers and staff,

My name is Nina, and I’m a student in grade 12. 

Today, it is my pleasure to stand here on the stage of National Teachers’ Days to pay my respect, love, and gratitude to my beloved teachers. 

On this very occasion, representing the students, I would like to send a big thank you to all of the teachers here in this room, for you all have been working really hard to pass down great lessons and knowledge to the students. Thank you so much for your dedication to education!

I know that I might have not learned with many of the teachers here, but every day, going to this school, I still can clearly see your dedication to teaching, your worries for students during exam time, and your happiness when all of us receive high grades. Thank you so much for spending such an admirable passion on this job! 

It is hard to express all my feelings to all of you teachers right now, because what you have done for us is too wonderful to describe with words. Even though this has been my third year standing on this stage, I still cannot express all of my gratitude to teachers as I have a lot more to say and a lot more to express. 

“Teachers are like candles, who burn themselves to light the way for students.”

So, we, the students, must not waste the sacrifice and the love from our teachers. We need to follow the light, to make each of us, a better person and a better student.

There is a saying “A good education can change everyone, and a good teacher can change everything”. Thank you so much for coming and changing each of us into a better person in this life.

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