Dear my beloved teachers…

Today is November 20, 2021, which, according to the tradition of Vietnam, is the National Teacher Day. It is the day for all Vietnamese students to show their love, respect, and gratitude to their beloved teachers.

On this day, I always take a moment to look back and see how much I have learnt and gained from all of my beloved teachers. There is no word that I can use to describe my appreciation to all of the teachers more than thank you, thank you so much.

I have read a very meaningful quote: “Not all Heroes Wear Capes, they teach.” And I think this is totally true. Being a teacher is not easy. One has to be knowledgeable, patient, caring, loving, and must love their job to become a great teacher. And that’s why I think teachers are true heroes. They shed the light and pave the way for the young generations. They show us the beauty of the world, and most importantly, they protect us from going on the wrong track.

To all of our heroes, I would love to say a big thank you. Thank you for everything you have done, for all the lessons, for all the effort. We owe you all a lot.

They say: “Teaching is a work of heart.” And that is why, us students, should not let the work of heart of our teachers go in vain. We have to try our best, to improve a little day by day, to make our teachers proud.

Thank you SNS teachers! Thank you SNS staff. Let us make this 2021 year another fun year together.

– Nina, grade 11 –

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