1. What curriculum does the St. Nicholas School offer?

St. Nicholas School (SNS) is a combined school from kindergarten to grade 12, partner with prestigious schools in the US to conduct the most complete and comprehensive American school programs for students. In addition to the international program consigned to them to implement, St. Nicholas School also provides students in grades 1 through 12 with an integrated program for students who choose to both complete the Vietnamese program, approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, and obtain certificates of core credits of the US high school curriculum.

2. Do you provide additional English language support?

Yes. St. Nicholas School has a long tradition and expertise in supporting students for whom English is not their mother language. For those students requiring English as a Second Language (ESL) support, our school has an established and dedicated English as a Second Language department and provides in-class and small group support.

3. Can students transfer from St. Nicholas School to another country?

Yes. A benefit of an American-based education is that it is transferable. The structure and consistency of the International program allow students to move easily between schools in various countries and facilitates an easy progression to a university in Europe, Asia, or elsewhere in the world.

4. Do students have to take the placement tests?

Every student needs to do the placement test so that the school can measure their abilities and knowledge. Especially in the case of high school students, the test results make it easier for the school to make individual graduation plans for them.

5. If my child withdraws from St. Nicholas School, will the school certificates be recognized by schools in other countries?

Yes. As an accredited international school, all schools overseas recognize our school reports and students’ results. We pride ourselves on the support we offer our students to ensure a smooth transition when they move to another country. The School Principal will sign and authenticate any of our school reports if required.