Since the St. Nicholas School was established, it has implemented a school curriculum throughout from Kindergarten to High School that brings 5 outstanding advantages:

No more worrying about finding a new school when your kids upgrade

The story of applying for schools will be no more. The upgrade is easy at our inter-level school because there is a connection and guaranteed output at each level.

Having a Student-Centered Learning Environment

The school always cares and tries its best to help students progress in their studies as well as develop their personalities.

Building a Strong Language Foundation for Your Children

English is the main language used at our school. SNS students have an excellent academic English foundation to prepare for studying abroad and acquiring knowledge in developed countries.

Preparing students for Global skills

Through Co-curricular enrichment programs (CEP), Nicholasers are equipped with the necessary skills of a global citizen.

Having multiple learning pathways

+ Kindergarten with American academic program
+ Grade 1 – Grade 12 with 2 programs:
Integrated Program: Students can receive both the National Vietnamese diploma as well as certificates of completion of American subjects, including standardized English certificates.
International Program: Students can receive an American diploma which is recognized globally.

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