Happy Mid-Autumn Festival From St. Nicholas School

In the midst of the bustling Mid-Autumn Festival, the students of St. Nicholas School organized a series of activities and performances to help students of all nationalities better understand the beauty of the festival.


On Monday morning, the Kindergarten students learned how to bake their very first mooncakes.  These they were happy to share with their classmates and friends, and were served to the parents and families in attendance for the festival.  

The Mid-Autumn Festival was officially yesterday evening, September 24th, with the participation of students and their families.  The festival was opened with a parade of lanterns and performance by our kindergarten and primary grade students. After telling the story of the Moon Man and Moon Lady, several of our older students performed some musical numbers for the enjoyment of our audience.

Outside the school, the students and families eagerly awaited the performance of a professional troupe of Lion Dancers.  The performance started with a drum dance and culminated with an amazing dance atop pillars in front of an inspired audience.  

With the Mid-Autumn Festival having come to an end, St. Nicholas School hopes that all our families and students had a good time and a prosperous year to come.