The St. Nicholas School (Da Nang) is currently organizing admission for the school year of 2021-2022. Despite many challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, St. Nicholas still tries to support parents financially by deploying different tuition promotions and many valuable scholarships to help creating opportunities for many students to enjoy comprehensive American educational environment with the best financial situation.

100 million tuition reduction

St. Nicholas is one of the first schools in Da Nang to reduce tuition fees, launching many “enormous” promotions to help students’ families during difficult times. In specific of the 2021-2022 school year, St. Nicholas applies a preferential policy for all students from preschool to high school, such as: 100 million VND reduction when parents pay full tuition for the school year and up to 50% reduction in tuition fees when parents pay long-term fees from 4 years and above.

Along with the act of sharing financial difficulties with parents of the school, St. Nicholas offers many valuable scholarships to students who wish to register for the school programs. 

With the desire to give students more opportunities to enjoy a comprehensive American educational environment, St. Nicholas has decided to offer 50 scholarships worth 50% of the tuition fee when enrolling in the Integrated Bilingual System at the school; 50% tuition reduction for students studying international programs who want to study the American International System at the school; At the same time, the school also reduces the boarding fee by 50% for out-of-town students…

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Le – Principal of the St. Nicholas School said that: “Learning can’t stop for whatever reason. The school understands the financial burden many families are facing during a time of economic stagnation. Therefore, we quickly decided on ways to support parents in the matter of tuition fees.”

I am confident about my kid’s education at St. Nicholas School

The educational mission that St. Nicholas’s pursuit is to create genuine, creative, and empathetic global citizens. These are wonderful qualities that can be incorporated into the formal curriculum as well as in extracurricular activities

Ever since its establishment, the St. Nicholas school has received companionship and trust from many parents and students. Mr. Do Trong Tuan, parent of Thuy Chi – St. Nicholas School’s student, shared that:

“Thuy Chi has been a member of the St. Nicholas Institution from the early days of its establishment. The school has supported parents with appropriate tuition incentives.

In the past 3 years, the school and teachers have created a learning environment that not only applies American academic content but also organizes many extra-curricular activities. My child is fully developed, independent, confident, intelligent and more determined in everything. She enjoyed participating in subjects such as ballet, gymnastics, swimming, and dancing. Especially, by studying with foreign teachers every day, my child’s English communication skills are much better and markedly improved day by day. My family and I have peace of mind, trusting to continue sending our children to St. Nicholas in later school years”.

The St. Nicholas School in Da Nang is providing an accredited American training program for both Vietnamese and international students, from preschool to high school. The school is also working with Texas Tech University, University of Missouri, Florida Virtual School to bring appropriate training programs into its educational system. After completing the program at the school, students will receive an American high school diploma. This international degree makes it easy for students to gain admission to American universities and other countries with advanced education around the world.

The St. Nicholas School is committed to working tirelessly to prepare students for the best educational opportunities in the United States, taking into account not only globally recognized qualifications but also critical thinking, academic, and understanding skills.

How to become a member of the St. Nicholas School?

Parents and students from preschool to high school will go through five basic stages to complete the admissions process at St. Nicholas, including: Documents submission; Entry Exams, Results Notification; Application Completion and fees; Go to school!

In addition to the incentives from the tuition policy, in order to ensure the health and safety of students during the epidemic season, the St. Nicholas will be operating online. The exam rounds (including interviews with foreign teachers and taking tests on subjects suitable for grade levels) are conducted directly through Google applications to ensure simple and convenient operation during the survey.

With this new form of survey, students will still be assessed in the most comprehensive way. Not only that, they also have their own space to help them focus more and be more confident when expressing their views in the interview…

Parents can contact hotline 0931 972 972 or website for more information about St. Nicholas; incentive packages and scholarships of St. Nicholas.


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