Nina is a familiar name of Do Ngoc Thuy Duong – Student Council President at The St. Nicholas School. Nina shared about the school through the perspective of a student.

The SNS student’s community is very diverse

I am very proud to be a student at SNS. I have studied for 3 years, since the begining of the school, I feel that this period was very meaningful. I have learned a lot, and my progress is evident over time.

I am happy to study in a dynamic and healthy learning environment. SNS students can freely express their opinions, actively participate in classes, and develop comprehensively in knowledge and skills.

(Nicholasers with the Fall Music Festival at Trung Vuong Theater)

The student community here is very diverse. I have met and made acquaintance with many international friends from Korea, Brazil, Philippines. This difference makes the lessons more interesting as we share different perspectives from each country. After school, I can try different clubs. The school has a Music, Dance, Astronomy and Debate Club. Because I am very interested in learning about the universe and improving my knowledge, I joined the Astronomy and Debate Club.

I also want to thank the school and the teachers that always create interesting extracurricular activities to help us change for the better.

At SNS, English is part of student’s lives

When I was a young, English was my favorite subject. Before entering the school, I did not have the opportunity to interact with the English environment to develop skills and acumen to this foreign language. Fortunately, I improved my English skills.

Nicholasers with Excellent Academic English in an International Educational Environment

At SNS, English is a part of students’ lives. We communicate, study, talk and share with each other in English. The teachers always create conditions for all students to communicate and use English as the main language. Of course, the biggest advantage is learning English every day while studying at SNS. Thanks to that, my English ability developed naturally and I could clearly see my improvement.

I can communicate fluently and can even translate two languages without spending too much time. I want to say “Many thanks” to SNS teachers who always help me improve my English Writing Skills.

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