Da Nang, December 6th 2019,

Today is an anniversary of Saint Nicholas’s death. To commemorate the event, St. Nicholas School officially launches search for bright underprivileged children in order to sponsor their study at our school.

The selected kids will be given a time to learn English and whatever preliminaries they need in order to be ready for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. The school will provide them with board, food and all the accessories they need for free, and the tuition will of course be free for as long as they are with SNS.

The school will oficially recruited for 3 months (12/2019, 1/2020, 2/2020) with 3 rounds:

*  Round 1 – SUBMISSION
The school will have a actual survey of the students’ family condition, learning situation to find the most suitable candidates

*  Round 2 – INTERVIEW
All the candidates who pass the submission round will be interviewed by vietnamese

*  Round 3 – CHALLENGE
The school do not require Engish proficiency. Because after the official selection, the school will train English for children from 3/2020 to 8/2020 to month you ready admission 2020-2021 school year beginning in September.

• This scholarship is available for students who live in the Central Part of Vietnam (from Quang Binh to Quy Nhon)
• This scholarship is available until grade 12, but our will reconsider every school year ( depend on students’ academic achievement and contributing activities for the community.

School media representative of the school, Mrs. Page La sharing: “For the school, this is not just one of the programs towards community. It is also a spirit of charity is inherited from the humanist philosophy of St. Nicholas lofty. That is the social value created from our love . Moreover, that is the lesson, is thought, is an example that the school wants every individual learning in educational environments with love named St. Nicholas can understand and absorb it. ”

Anyone having seen this message that knows an underprivileged kid with potentials, please email us about his or her details at the following address: [email protected]