SNS Library is the center of information, technology, and literacy with diverse book resources. Reading can open up a whole new universe for kids, which would shape their worldviews, perceptions, and lifestyles.

SNS Library has modern, artistic furniture, equipment, and supplies. So, every little corner of the library could become a private and ideal space for students to fully enjoy reading.

Library activities are designed flexibly and exclusively for each grade from Kindergarten to High school. Beside nurturing the love of reading, the SNS Library program also aims to help SNS students become rational users of information and technology.

SNS Theater

St. Nicholas School is one of the few schools in Danang that has a soundproof theater room with a capacity of 300 seats. It is one of the two most impressive campus facilities, designed for both professional and non-professional performance. The theater is used for performances, seminars, presentations of students. It is also used by people outside of school for high-quality performances on weekends.

Music Room

On the 1st floor is a studio where students can learn to play musical instruments and compose with 5 pianos, a violin, guitars, a drum set, and many others. Moreover, our school establishes Music Club and Singing Club as extracurricular activities in order to provide students with more space and opportunities for their passions and talents.

Swimming Pool

A Swimming pool with 4 swimming lanes for Kindergarten and Primary students located next to Kindergarten classrooms, designed specifically for kids to learn how to swim. St. Nicholas School has a coach working with P.E. teachers. Swimming classes and the school swimming team are important parts of the school curriculum and activities.


Innovation is one of three core values at St. Nicholas International School in its pursuit of equipping students with real-life skills. In this new technological era, STEM education will be delivered to students from kindergarten to 12th grade.
The school has built a STEM Lab along with science labs as St. Nicholas School believes it is of great importance to implement practical American ways of thinking. Thus, students will be highly well-prepared for their future careers in developed countries all over the world..

Art & Crafts Room

At SNS, we value creativity and we understand that creativity is an important part of educating children. That is the reason why we nurture children’s imagination, encourage students to create their own unique products at the Art & Crafts Room. All the students can craft their ideas and develop handcrafted products using a combination of tradition and modern methods at this Art & Crafts Room.

Kindergarten Playground

The playground for Kindergarten students is designed and redecorated every year. The interconnected rooms create an environment for children to learn through playful activities, which is suitable for Kindergarten teachers and students. Besides, we have a swimming pool for Kindergarten and Primary students, which is next to the sandpit and the chalet.

ICT Room

Students and teachers have wireless access to the school-wide IT systems. In High School, students use laptops in many classes whilst teachers assign homework and deliver reminders through the same means. In Primary School, students have access to desktop computers in each classroom. Ipads are also being used in some classes of Primary School. Each classroom has projectors and TV for students and teachers to learn by observing and sharing.

Multifunctional Sports Area

This area of St. Nicholas School can host small matches of many sports such as soccer, table tennis, table football, room for tennis practice, billiard table. The floor is dedicated to gym sports, with shock absorption, non-slip, and performance support.


Cafeteria services are currently managed by the school itself, with reputable 5-star hotel chefs. The cafeteria offers buffet-style service with a rich menu including various dishes from Vietnam to Western cuisine. The cafeteria also follows the nutritional guidelines from meals to snacks. Menus are made based on the students’ opinions and are sent to parents weekly.