The U.S. has the highest number of international students in the world. With famous cities, majestic scenery, highly ranked universities and an exciting learning environment, studying abroad in the US offers the perfect combination of quality education and cultural experience.

Let’s get into some of the reasons why students choose to study abroad in the US.

  • The US has the best education system globally

International students studying in the U.S. are fully educated in general education programs that help prepare everything for the future, not just plan their immediate career. This training method helps students become mature, intelligent and easily achieve success after graduating from U.S. universities.

In addition, in American schools, Students not only focus on a major they study but also being trained in many other fields such as science, mathematics, philosophy, literature and history…

  • Owning highly ranked universities in the world 

The U.S. has 7 of the top 10 universities in the world voted by Times Higher Education magazine in 2019-2020.

Moreover, the US also has 27 of the top 200 universities in the world such as Stanford University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) … It is a pioneering country in creating the highest education system for humanity. 

  • Diversity of culture, environment and many other factors

America is a country that combines many different cultures, creates a variety of entertainment types, world music festivals or rich cuisine.

In the U.S., the division of people and regions is quite distinct. No matter what state they study and live in, students easily integrate into the cultural and historical values of their place of residence.

  • Creating opportunities to improve your English skills effectively

The main language of America is English and all curriculums here are taught in English. Therefore, when studying abroad in the U.S., students will develop their English skills comprehensively, creating opportunities for students to be highly appreciated by employers.


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