St. Nicholas School has partnered with the three top US universities: Texas Tech University, University of Missouri, and Florida Virtual School, to create advanced learning programs within the American education system, with Common Core standards – in-depth understanding. into problems on modern technologies 4.0.

There are 4 outstanding advantages of St. Nicholas School, that is:

  • Technology application
  • Academic excellence
  • Global recognition
  • Personalization

What is the Common Core standard?

Launched in 2009 by educators across the United States to Ensure ALL STUDENTS – regardless of where they live – have the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare for college and career orientation. Clearly, students who are able to collaborate, discuss with each other, present their judgment, know how to use the Internet for research, must be able to analyze, thereby deepening the nature of the problem rather than memorizing it.

The program is accredited by prestigious organizations such as AdvancED, NCA, TEA (Texas Education Agency), etc. Especially, it is granted a certificate of accreditation by 1 of 6 regional educational accreditation organizations in the US. After each school year, students will receive a certificate of completion (Certificate of Completion) and transcripts. Students graduating from high school can receive an American diploma which is recognized globally.

The learning process is systematized in detail and thorough, with a bilateral combination of schools and partners in the US through state-of-the-art facilities and online. Students, who study at St. Nicholas School, have the advantage of abundant learning resources, comfortable learning space, with academic support, and on-demand tutors. Through online learning and examinations, each student will have access to online learning programs recognized and accredited by the US education system. The results will be deposited in each account visually and fairly. Students will still receive an American baccalaureate degree if they complete high school. 

Teachers at St. Nicholas School are mentors and student supporters. With 100% foreign teachers, reaching the standard of pedagogy of the Texas/Missouri/Florida government. Vietnamese assistants with iSmart standards are regularly trained by TTU/Mizzou /Florida. 

Students have the right to take initiative in acquiring knowledge, acquiring knowledge naturally through experiential learning methods. In addition, students are taught anytime, anywhere with online lectures in parallel with face-to-face classes with foreign teachers. The email system, phone support to answer questions of students are always standing, students will receive feedback from American or Vietnamese teachers within 24 hours.

Specific learning pathways for each class

  • Elementary school (grades 1 – 5): based on FLVS (Florida Virtual School) method. The main subjects are Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, elective subjects: Art, Computer Science, Spanish, Physical Education. 
  • Middle school (grades 6 – 8): based on MIZZOU K-12 method which is recognized in 50 US states, 35 countries in the world. Main subjects: English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics. 
  • High school (grades 9 – 12): based on TTU K12 or MIZZOU K12 method with subjects according to American high school education standard, access to the higher education system through chapters high school. The important thing is that students who gain an American diploma, which is recognized worldwide, have the advantage of receiving scholarships from top universities and colleges in the United States.