🔰As part of the series of outstanding academic competitions SNS Battle of Brains, the English competition with the theme “Speak now, Lead tomorrow” has brought students extremely explosive and interesting experiences.

📝Four parts of the competition: Spelling Bee, Extempo Junior, Extempo Senior, and Debate with a large gathering of students from Primary to High School, the exam content for Primary students is designed gradually from basic to advanced, focusing on listening, speaking, and writing skills according to topics. Middle and High school students focused on critical skills, and the persuasive points presented by the students were supported by the whole audience. Global topics such as climate change, nuclear energy, space exploration, or social issues such as media, technology, the environment,… always attract attention and exploit 2-way critical thinking abilities from students.

🎉Participating in the SNS English competition, students are encouraged to show their bravery, promote confidence, and effectively apply the knowledge and skills that have been fostered at school. Through authentic experiences at the competition, students will learn more valuable experiences in competition as well as practice and improve their capacity, ready to conquer new challenges.

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