Mr. Nguyen Thanh Le – Principal of SNS


Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,

In the 2020-2021 School Year, despite the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, under the direction of the Danang DoET, St. Nicholas School had proposed many flexible and appropriate methods; with the constant efforts of all leaders, teachers, staff, students and the companionship of parents, we had completed our teaching mission.

Today, St Nicholas School celebrates the Virtual Opening Ceremony for the School Year 2021-2022. I would like to welcome the parents, teachers, and students; especially welcome new students who have joined the SNS “big family”.

Dear Students,

Danang City responds strongly to the Covid-19 Pandemic; Frontline forces such as doctors, policemen, and the army dedicate themselves to the highest spirit.

Strictly implementing Decision 2788/QD- People’s Committee dated August 14, 2021, of the People’s Committee of Danang city, our teachers and students can not go to school together to attend the Opening Ceremony of the New School year. The sound of the opening drum only has a symbolic meaning, but SNS teachers and students are looking in one direction, looking forward with the faith of loving life, believing in a promising future.

After the Opening Ceremony, we may continue teaching online. I believe, with the knowledge of IT, the ability to explore and create, students and teachers of all subjects will create exciting and effective lessons. This also helps teachers and students improve their skills in using IT applications, keeping up with the world’s modern teaching and learning trends. In a short time, Danang city will control and repel the epidemic, and our teachers and students will return to school. Bright faces gathered here again, St Nicholas’s home will be filled with laughter and joy.

I believe that with the educational environment and tradition of SNS, our teachers and students will overcome this challenging period, complete the dual goal of the school year, actively in effective epidemic prevention and control, complete the school year plan, and ensure the quality of education.

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students,

The School Year 2021-2022 begins when the Covid-19 pandemic is complicated with difficulties and challenges, I believe that, with the efforts and determination to innovate methods and diversify teaching methodology, the attention of parents and students, the close direction of the Danang DoET and the local government, we will continue to reap more successes and new victories.

In that spirit, on behalf of St Nicholas School, I hereby declare:


Finally, I wish the parents success and happiness!

I wish all SNS teachers and students to enter the new school year with high achievements in teaching and learning!

Thank you very much./.

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