IELTS is the result that Do Ngoc Thuy Duong (Nina), Grade 11 at St. Nicholas School achieved in the recent IELTS exam. Nina achieved  an excellent 9.0 band Listening.

This is the first time Nina challenges herself with the IELTS exam. Although she was quite worried, thanks to family support, belief in herself, and the knowledge learned at SNS, Nina achieved a better score than expected. “For me, trying is the best way to prepare for exams. I have found out how to organize my time, study effectively, and motivate myself. “Hard work pays off”, this quote gives me much motivation to always try hard.”

Aasked about the secret to achieving high scoress in the exam, the owner of this impressive scores shared: “Love English language. We should not consider  IELTS exam as an exam, and you have to cram to get a good score. Instead, consider learning English as a pleasure and hobby -Watch your favorite movies in English, listen to music in English, or watch your idols’ interviews shows in English. By putting English learning into the things you like, you will certainly absorb it most naturally.”

Nina also extend her thanks to her family, teachers, and friends for continuously encouraging her during the exam preparation process. “During the time of learning  and preparing for this exam, there were times, I was very stressed and struggled and I had to balance my time between studying at school and preparing for this exam, everyone is around to support and encourage me. I would like to thank everyone! I would also like to thank myself a lot for keeping to try best and not give up.”

Congratulations to Nina! Wish you  will accomplish all your goals in this  school-year with more impressive results.

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