September brings with it so many joyful emotions of the back-to-school days. Although held in an virtual form, the Opening Ceremony of the School Year 2021-2022 at St. Nicholas School still took place in a solemn atmosphere, bringing a lot of joy and excitement to the students. This special event opens a new school year with new and exciting things waiting for you to discover, experience and conquer!

“Responding to the Covid-19 epidemic, persisting in quality goals”

The school year 2021-2022 begins when the Covid-19 epidemic is still complicated. The sound of the opening drum only has a symbolic meaning, but SNS teachers and students are looking in one direction, looking forward with the faith of loving life, believing in a promising future.

After the Opening Ceremony, we may continue teaching online. I believe, with the knowledge of IT, the ability to explore and create, students and teachers of all subjects will create exciting and effective lessons. This also helps teachers and students improve their skills in using IT applications, keeping up with the world’s modern teaching and learning trends.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Le – Principal of St. Nicholas shared:

“I believe that with the educational environment and tradition of SNS, our teachers and students will overcome this challenging period, complete the dual goal of the school year, actively in effective epidemic prevention and control, complete the school year plan, and ensure the quality of education.

Let’s look forward to a new school year full of fun!

Although there are still many regrets about not being able to see friends and teachers again in this new school year, above all, it is still the optimistic spirit of St. Nicholas:

Travis – Grade 12 student had a very honest share:

As a senior, I naturally have a variety of emotions: whether you’re joyful or sad. It’s exciting to begin a new school year with many new things and hope that we’ll see them again, even if just on screens. I’m excited to start a new school year and participate in the activities that await. I’m glad we’re now high school seniors. It’s still sad because I can’t talk to my friends in person, but what not only me but all Nicholasers of Grade 12 will be saddest about the last year to be at the school and possibly the last year to see each other when everyone will have their own plans for their own future.

As a result, for Grade 12 students, this will be a wonderful academic year filled with memories and feelings that will last a lifetime. Let us look forward to a new school year full of pleasure and new experiences for all Nicholasers, not only Grade 12 students. Best wishes for a successful new school year!”

Nicholasers eagerly watched the Opening Ceremony this morning

Best wishes for a successful new school year!

It was not possible to directly participate in the Opening Ceremony this year, but from far-away America, Mr. David Armstrong – President of St. Nicholas also sent greetings and dear advice to the students:

I congratulate all students on having a new school year with a fresh start. Besides Vaccines, students should always follow the 5K disease prevention guidelines and study hard. We still have to keep studying hard, with online software. I hope that Covid will be better controlled. I am ready to go back to Vietnam but unfortunately, due to the epidemic, there is no flight yet, but I hope to see you all soon when we all go to school together.

Study hard – Study well – Be safe!

Distanced but not far away, SNS students still feel the care and love of their teachers. Words of encouragement and reminders are like spiritual gifts to help them become more enthusiastic in learning.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hiep – SNS Vice Principal sends a loving message to the students at the beginning of the new school year

It is not possible to meet in person during the back-to-school season, but we can interact with each other through online lessons. In their free time, students can participate in sports training through YouTube, watch television, relax by themselves such as watching movies, listening to their favorite music.

Entering the New School Year, although there are no bright flags and loud music, I hope that your smiles and teachers’ wishes will be a good start!” – Ms. Nguyen Thi Hiep, Vice Principal of St. Nicholas.

New school year, new journey has opened, All Nicholaser are ready to conquer all goals and dreams!

Parents, please watch the video of the Virtual Opening Ceremony of the School Year 2021-2022 at:

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