The startup training course “Learn to start” held on March 9-10 had achieved significant results. More than 50 highschool students in Danang came to our 2-day workshop to deepen their understanding of startup. Moreover, this startup training course is also an great opportunity for students  to share and analyze new business ideas together.

The Startup Studio was founded by Gary Conroy, an entrepreneur whose mission is to ensure that as many young people as possible can get access to the skills and inspire their startup ideas. The Studio’s purpose is to serve as an engine that supports, builds and grows high-potential startups community.

Besides that, The Startup Studio is going to cooperate with the St. Nicholas International School to allow Startup training course become an official course at our school in the near future. Therefore, “Learn to start” which is hosted by the founder of The Startup Studio, is considered as the opening course for this plan.

Let capture these impressive moments on that startup days at the St. Nicholas international school

The St. Nicholas International School