Thank you all for coming out last night to the TTU Event!

Thank you all for coming out last night.  It was our honor to host our representatives from Texas Tech University, and we hope you found the night as informational as we did.  It’s amazing to see all our families together in one room with the shared values of providing our children with the best in their higher education.
TTU was here to provide you all with information about our unique partnership, such as: the importance of studying at an accredited university, the usefulness of receiving an American High School Diploma, and the benefits of studying at an international school where English is the only language used for instruction.
The representatives from TTU, Director of Recruitment and International Partnerships, Jared Lay; Cary Sallee, Senior Director of Operations and Compliance, eLearning and Academic Partnerships, will be here all week to offer our teachers valuable insight into their program.
Furthermore, it was our privilege to award five of our brightest students with scholarships ranging from 50-100 percent off tuition.  We want nothing more than to provide our students with every competitive advantage we can, and to see so many students taking their education so seriously is an honor.
Please join us in congratulating the following students:
100 Percent off Tuition: Valued at 3.6 Billion VND
Đỗ Ngọc Thùy Dương Grade 8
Trần Thanh Hùng Grade 8
50 Percent off Tuition:  Valued at 3.4 Billion VND
Văn Tuấn Nam, Grade 6
Lê Mầu Văn Hiếu Grade 7
Lê Mầu Thanh Tuấn grade 9
Thank you all again.  We look forward to a wonderful year working with you!
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