The train numbered 2020-2021 of the St. Nicholas Kindergarten had officially reached its destination on the day of the Online Closing Ceremony. To bring more joy and let K3 students feel fulfilled about the Graduation Day, the school held an award and graduation event for students as the Covid -19 pandemic is now under control.

mam non truong St. Nicholas

The school year of online lessons

In the school year of 2020-2021, teachers and students of St. Nicholas Kindergarten have also been very flexible in changing the online communication forms. In addition to the hours of discovery activities, the  interaction via computer screen also gives the students a new perspective on learning. Furthermore, the school continuously send learning materials to students’ house to make online lessons more intuitive and fun to participate.

mam non truong St. Nicholas

Thank you to all the parents of St. Nicholas Kindergarten

During this academic year, the school received much support and companionship from parents. The school also sends daily information from the teachers about their teaching contents and playtime activities through appropriate documents. Once again, the Board of Directors and teachers of St. Nicholas Kindergarten would like to thank the parents who have always trusted and supported the school during the last school year to have many good results like today.

mam non truong St. Nicholas

On the first day at the St. Nicholas Kindergarten, the K3 students were still confused, but today they have grown up. Looking at these moments, we are all really happy! We hope you all always be confident to enter Grade 1.

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