When it comes to the psychology of a 3 year-old child, it is common to think of “The crisis at age three”. But at SNS, this is a golden period to blow up children’s imagination, helping them to fully develop their curiosity, language ability and creativity. Therefore, parents should choose a kindergarten with modern and appropriate educational methods right from the start.

SNS always accompanies parents and their children on the way to self-discovery, wisdom nurture and give them a “touch of love”. Let’s go through the special values at SNS:
1. St. Nicholas school has various study programs so that parents can easily choose the appropriate program with appropriate tuition fees:

  • International Program: pursuing to the Reggio Emilia approach
  • Integrated Program: Based on the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training and English program in accordance with the standard of IvyPrep’s curriculum.

2. The close communication between parents and the school in nurturing and educating children is especially valued. Teachers will constantly keep parents informed of their children’s information, activity images, and schedules through the KidsOnline app.

3. Learning and playing activities are designed according to the framework of international program, helping children develop comprehensively from physical health to practical skills in the “golden period”:
  •  Developing outstanding English skills
  •  Developing emotional and social cognition
  •  Understanding of the worldview and nature
  •  Understanding of art and aesthetics

4. Comprehensive health care: SNS proudly boasts sufficient and modern amenities and enforces strict safety regulations for children’s playing and learning activities. Classrooms, dining rooms, playgrounds, swimming pools, and restrooms at SNS are always kept clean and disinfected according to international standard procedures. The meals are provided meeting the diet advice of the Japanese doctor – Hiromi Shinya.

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