The Journey of your life – SNS summer camp course aims to help children develop their logical thinking, and physical health, build up their self-confidence, and communication skills as well as mark a memorable summertime.

The summer camp encompasses reality experiences which will bring them the time of summer: Exciting – Dynamic – Completing development


Coming to dance sport performances, Children have an opportunity to explore body movements and enjoy tunes to create stories they want to tell. Practicing dance steps from basic to advanced, and listening to their own breath, exploite inner beauty and thinking.

The Journey of Your Life, Dance Sport is not only about dancing, but also about empathy, understanding, developing both physically and mentally, expressing personality, and letting go with the music and moving. The final Showcase program will be a program promising a spectacular makeover of the members, bringing a new breeze to the summer camp at SNS. Especially, the program with the guidance of talented Choreographers in practice and choreography will bring lively artistic performances in the final Showcase “The Journey of Your Life.”


Programming Robot is a high-tech science of mankind. That includes the processes of designing, inventing, operating, and applying robots, as well as using sensor signals to respond to or combine computer systems for programming, controlling, and processing information. Coming to The Journey of Your Life, children will have the ideal environment to build operating systems from robots such as Century Park, Aerospace,… exploring thinking, accessing modern technology, and a program updating new trends with the simultaneous support of programming technicians to help children easily access the modern learning environment at school St. Nicholas.


Swimming is one of the most important subjects in SNS Summer Camp course with the aim of preparing for survival skills in the water environment in order to ensure children’s safety. During the course, they will be trained in skills in age- standardizing swimming pools: breathing skills, keeping breath skills and swimming skills helping them save their energy, which assists them to react swiftly in an emergency the reality. The children will be trained and practiced frequently by the instruction of experienced coaches, absolutely enabling them to bring interesting and beneficial lessons.

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