Studying abroad is the journey to discover the new sky and choosing to study abroad at the right time is an important decision in the future orientation of students.

Here are some traits and advantages at popular ages to study abroad, specifically as follows:

  1. Studying abroad while studying in secondary school, high school: It’s known as a golden time to study abroad

It is the stage that shapes personality and social relationships. They always want to explore and experience in order to develop comprehensively. This is also the age of adapting easily with the new cultures and learning methods.

  • Advantages:

+ Approaching and integrating quickly with new trends, new cultures.

+ Absorbing English easily through daily activities with native people.

+ Developing skills, independence and bravery through experiences.

+ Studying abroad with easier conditions on Visa, requirements for international English certificates …

+ Having advantages in applying to Colleges and Universities as well as having many opportunities to apply for scholarships. 

  1. Studying abroad from College or University:

This is a stage that is known as a turning point for each student, officially recognized as a citizen by society, who must take responsibility for himself or herself before the law.

They are at an age of enthusiasm, love to explore and challenge, eager to be expressed and affirmed themselves.

  • Advantages:

+ Students enjoy an advanced and modern international education environment.

+ Students are allowed to work part-time to earn more income for covering their lives and have the opportunity to experience and communicate with native people.

+ After graduating from the University, students are confident enough about knowledge, qualifications, skills, foreign language ability, the value of the degree… will apply easily for jobs in any developed country in the world.

  1. To study abroad after university:

It is the most popular time to study abroad for students. Students who have a certain knowledge base after graduating from the University, can shape the path of self-development.

  • Advantages:

+ After graduating from University in Vietnam, students will continue to study “seamlessly” to make studying abroad more useful and effective.

+ There are study programs with short routes and low tuition for students who have just graduated. This helps students after returning to Vietnam will have better and more prestigious degrees, thinking and foreign language ability.

+ Graduate training programs abroad are very focused on practice, students have practical experiences, thereby opening up many job opportunities with a professional working environment and attractive salary.


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