Partnering with University of Missouri, Florida Virtual School (FLVS), after successfully completing the academic programs at St. Nicholas School, your child will receive a fully accredited high school diploma. In addition, St. Nicholas has been pursuing and implementing the world’s most advanced 4.0 education model, providing students with a solid and modern educational foundation and roadmap to be able to step out into the world.

Like a pot of soil that nourishes small sprouts into strong plants, St. Nicholas School offers rich education from K-12:

Kindergarten – Supporting students from their first step

  • Applying Reggio Emilia methodology to convey not only American academic content but also extracurricular activities for Kindergarteners for kids from 18 months’ old with core subjects, such as Phonics, Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies with intensive extracurricular activities to help kids develop comprehensively from the beginning.
  • An effective learning program for children from 18 months old to: focuses on building a friendly, safe and healthy learning environment to help children develop comprehensively according to their own abilities.
  • Being taught by native English-speaking teachers from the USA and Canada, with standard preschool pedagogy, with close support from Vietnamese kindergarten teachers.
  • Nutrition is applied according to the method from Japanese professor doctor – Hiromi Shinya so that the baby has the best health to ensure learning, playing and development.

Primary: the foundation of learning

  • Aims for critical thinking and social emotional intelligence: Promoting self-research and critical thinking with 3 core subjects: English Language Arts, Maths, Science. All the while, students are nurtured with emotional intelligence, encouraged to be confident and able to express themselves.
  • Aims for Language: English is used as the first language, studied with multi-national friends and teachers from the US, Canada, etc.
  • Aims for Creativity: Learn to think creatively and design unique projects in new ways that are different from the status quo.

Middle School: the tools for success

  • Knowledge acquisition: Students are taught according to a modern curriculum, combining the core subjects: English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Maths,… to awaken their academic potential.
  • Pro-active experience: Students can choose to study anywhere and anytime through an American online platform, along with face-to-face lessons with foreign teachers in class every day.
  • Personal development: In addition to the academic program, students also participate in the SNS CEP (Co-curricular Enrichment Programs) to comprehensively develop their thinking and physical well-being.

High school: A launching pad for students to excell towards their dreams

  • Accredited advanced training program – American general education program of Mizzou K-12/MU High School. The American Common Cores standard curriculum fully equips students for a successful academic future.
  • Provides a learning environment with useful extracurricular activities to help students confidently integrate, and improve the value of their study abroad records.
  • Output commitment: Students receive the prestigious American Diploma (for the International Program) and Vietnamese high school diplomas and certificates of completion of American subjects (for the Integrated Program).

SNS CEP (Co-curricular Enrichment Programs)

The St. Nicholas School CEP is a unique combination of knowledge and skill. Students can gain knowledge and experience from activities such as debate, short film making or photography of field trips throughout the school year, or future broadcasters and journalists through the school’s radio program each week.

Foundation of empathy

The Saint Nicholas School not only has high quality teaching methods and tools, but also a foundation of kindness and cooperation. The school’s main objective is that children are always learning and are able to understand and inherit the true philosophy of Saint Nicholas Schools mission. The teachers truly want their students to develop and understand their own dreams and goals, their place in the world, and how they can exceed their own expectations along their journey.

In that journey, students will learn and practice creativity, resilience, integrity, empathy, and gratitude. These are the core values ​​of the school’s mission. From there, each student at St. Nicholas School will be fully developed to reach their dreams in the future and become active individuals for the community – just like everything that Saint Nicholas did throughout his life.

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