The St. Nicholas school has successfully organized the Online Closing Ceremony to summarize and honor the students’ and the school’s efforts in the past 2020-2021 academic year.

     The 2020-2021 academic year was a special year to remember. All the online classes and online parent-teacher conferences is being concluded by the Online Closing Ceremony. Even though there will be no heart-warming hugs, no arms on each other’s backs, or no wiping of each other’s tears, this online ceremony is still the best way for students and teachers to celebrate the academic year in a safe manner. The epidemic has taken away many things, but it cannot take away our ability to join souls and minds for a meaningful occasion like this year’s closing ceremony.

Bế giảng trực tuyến năm học 2020-2021 trường St. Nicholas

     The St. Nicholas 2020-2021 Online Closing Ceremony was broadcast live on SNS fanpage at:, which received many attentions and praises from parents and students. The Ceremony was held during 2 time frames:

     At the ceremony, parents and students were able to review pictures of activities of the past school year. “I learned from my students that I have enough room in my heart for so many little humans! I was so grateful to have a classroom this year full of love and support for each other.  We had so much fun learning and growing together.  I saw so many displays of kindness this year, and the memories of this class will warm my heart forever.  I hope my students will always stay creative, stay silly, and stay brave!” The sincere and heart-warming sharings of the teachers made the online closing ceremony even more touching and meaningful.

Cảm nhận của giáo viên trường St. Nicholas về 1 năm học đã qua

Học sinh trường St. Nicholas

     2020-2021 – A Year of Thankfulness. The St. Nicholas School would like to send its thanks and gratitude to the doctors in the frontline fighting against the deadly pandemic. Thank you to you, the “white shirt soldiers”, who has scarified to keep our country safe and healthy.

     Thank you to the teachers who always dedicate to their profession, who loved and devoted their best to each and every single student. Thank you parents for trusting, supporting and accompanying the school on the journey of nurturing global citizens. And finally thank the students for always being so passionate about the learning journey . These are the inspirations and motivations for the school to strive in improving, developing, and providing a comprehensive educational environment.

     We wish all of you a happy summer and an exciting new school year at The St. Nicholas School.

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