🔖 The Vietnam-U.S. Trade Forum 2023 took place on the afternoon of November 10 at Furama Resort, Da Nang. With the theme “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between Vietnam and the U.S.: Opportunities for Vietnamese Businesses,” the event welcomed the special participation of U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Marc Knapper, along with leading U.S. businesses and regional enterprises. At the forum, delegates and the business community participated in discussions on three main topics: High-quality education, manufacturing infrastructure, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and supply chains. St. Nicholas School is honored to be a part of and one of the sponsors for this significant event.

🎁 As a special gift for Ambassador Marc Knapper and distinguished guests attending the event, the talented young artists from St. Nicholas School delivered a highly professional performance titled “Counting Stars.” It was the only performance in the program and received enthusiastic applause from the audience.️️🎉🎉

Participating in the forum, St. Nicholas School is proud to represent the pioneering education sector in Da Nang, implementing the American education program and awarding prestigious international diplomas. The school’s vision is to become a bilingual and international school with the best American-standard education quality in Vietnam, guided by core values: Excellence, Adaptability, and Innovation.

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