“Today is Christmas Day, have you received Christmas gift yet?” Yes, on December 23, 2021, all beloved SNS students have received the gifts from our “Saint Nicholas”!

From the early morning, Nicholasers went to school in Christmas costumes and eagerly waited for the Christmas celebration and “Saint Nicholas”’ visiting to their classrooms. The activity took place with a series of very interesting and exciting activities to help Nicholasers understand more spirits’ Christmas Day and share their happiness with friends and teachers on these days.

As planned, from December 20, all Nicholasers have sent each of their gifts to the School office to prepare for the “Santa secret gift” activity. “Saint Nicholas” and the teachers together with School Board suddenly appeared in each classroom and randomly gave these gifts to Nicholasers. How happy it is to receive gifts and best wishes from friends and teachers on this memorable holiday!

Besides, the teachers and staff had a meaningful Christmas evening gathering. It was fun and exciting with the Secret Santa Gift – when everyone drew and received secret gifts from our school “Saint Nicholas”. Good wishes were sent to each other in this cozy evening party.


Let’s close 2021 with lots of laughter and energy to get ready for the plans and experiences of a new year, Nicholasers! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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