Try starting by giving your kids a nickname at home in English. This will help them become more confident and create a habit of using foreign languages in life.

Get kids excited for learning

You should connect what your baby likes with English so that they can find English excitedly by themselves.

A common example is that many children love an English song. Even though they didn’t pronounce it properly and didn’t understand the song’s content, they memorized it within a few days. It’s easier for children to like, listen and remember. This makes children more interested in learning English because when they learn English, they can understand the content of the song and can sing more new songs.

Create a foreign language environment for children

You and your child always greet each other in both Vietnamese and English. In addition, this method can be used with any object in the house. Thereby, the children will learn that every object in the house has two names: “Qua tao” or apple…

Practice regularly

In your spare time, play with your child a word game in English. Sometimes, the mother may intentionally give the wrong answer so that the child “corrects” her mistake. This is a way for children not to get bored while playing. However, it should be noted not to abuse, otherwise, parents will lose the trust of their children.


Curiosity Never Stops

You can prepare a sealed box about 30x30x30cm or a black bag so that the children cannot see what is inside. Put an object in the box (bag) for the child to guess what is in it and give the answer to the object’s name in English. This will stimulate their curiosity a lot. Remember to always change the object in the box (bag).

Be persistent! But if your child has lost interest, you have to stop or change

With children, don’t talk too much – let them talk and answer questions. Never make your child hate English. Tell yourself that “Study Smarter Not Harder”

These are great tips to help your child learn English at home. However, most of the time their children are at school, parents should find a learning environment where their children can communicate with foreign friends and teachers every day. This will help your child improve his foreign language ability soon!

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