With the diversity and characteristics of each state in the USA, let’s take a look at the top 10 states in the USA that attract the most international students.

  • Pennsylvania

Every year Pennsylvania has more than 48,000 international students who come to live and study. Pennsylvania attracts students not only by the quality of education, many large cities, diverse natural wonders but also by its rich cuisine, friendly locals.

Pennsylvania owns typical universities such as: University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Temple University …

  • Florida

Florida’s economy has impressed in tourism growth. Its long coastline makes this state known as the most amazing destination in the world.

Florida owns typical universities such as: Florida International University, University of South Florida, Valencia College …

  • Illinois

Illinois is the 21st state of the USA and the 5th ranked federally in population. Chicago, located in the northeast, is the largest city and the leading economic center in Illinois.

Illinois owns typical universities such as: University of Illinois At Chicago, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, DePaul University …

  • Virginia

Virginia is located in the Eastern of the USA, dubbed the “Cradle of the President” – the birthplace of eight American presidents including George Washington. Virginia’s economy is diverse, distributed primarily to the defense services, military, agriculture, technology, business, and tourism.

Virginia owns typical universities such as: Virginia Tech, Florida Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University …

  • Ohio

Ohio is located in the Midwest region of the Northeastern US (OH). “Ohio” means beautiful living and it’s also the name of a river bordering Kentucky. It not only has many prestigious high schools throughout the USA, but it is also home to 7 prestigious American presidents.

Ohio owns typical universities such as: University of Cincinnati, Kent State University, Ohio University…


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