TTU Finishes Up a Successful Week at SNS

We would like to give TTU one last big thank you for your visit.  It was our honor to host you and plan for our students’ futures.  Combining your unique curriculum with our teachers’ amount of experience, we feel even more prepared and excited for a successful school year.
The representatives from Texas Tech University, Director of Recruitment and International Partnerships, Jared Lay and Cary Sallee, Senior Director of Operations and Compliance, and Academic Partnerships, were here all week to finalize details on the coming academic year.
We are all very excited for this unique partnership.  Through TTU’s program, students of St. Nicholas School will receive a recognized American High School diploma upon successfully graduating from our school.  With this degree from an accredited school, students can apply at top universities from around the world.  Furthermore, if students choose to study specifically at Texas Tech University, they qualify for additional financial aid options, namely an international scholarship offered by TTU that knocks $1,000 off their tuition fees and that qualifies them for in-state tuition fees, roughly 40 percent lower cost than other international students.  Students must meet certain minimum requirements and must apply annually to be considered for the scholarship.
We’ll see you in class!