In addition to an “American standard” study program, a system of modern facilities and fully qualified and dedicated teachers, St. Nicholas school also has a Study Abroad Consulting Service that works closely with students to realize their dreams to experience education in advanced countries. Every month, St. Nicholas school collaborates with IvyPrep to organize a series of online Study Abroad – Scholarship counseling seminars with useful content and answers the concerns of parents or students before the journey to the world.

With the sharing from IvyPrep – the leading study abroad counseling center in Vietnam – the program promises to bring a lot of useful information, orientation in choosing a university, deciding a suitable major for Vietnamese students in the future in the context of Covid-19 to help them have a great study abroad experience to prepare for their future career path.

St. Nicholas School is partnered with University of Missouri, and Florida Virtual School, (FLVS) and offers a full American academic curriculum, for both Vietnamese, and International students. After successfully completing the academic programs at St. Nicholas School, your child will receive a fully accredited high school diploma.

STUDY ABROAD SERVICE AT ST. NICHOLAS SCHOOL will provide practical support to students in their study abroad journey:

  • Help in designing a well-planned study abroad route suitable for each student, including study and test preparation for international certificates: SAT, AP, TOEFL/IELTS
  • Support in career orientation, fields of study that match your abilities and interests and help you catch up with trends in the world
  • Advice on choosing the school with the highest acceptance rate
  • Guide to participating in extracurricular activities (building personal projects, social activities – volunteering, talent, participating in science competitions, …)
  • Support in finding valuable scholarships that match students’ abilities
  • Guidance on applying for scholarships and financial support for 4 years of study
  • Guide to making CV (resume) and an impressive portfolio.
  • Guide to form essay ideas with topics that will impress the admissions committee, help in editing essays according to American style standards but still showing personal characteristics
  • Instructions on how to write and choose the right person to write a letter of recommendation


IvyPrep belongs to EQuest educational organization, which has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of study abroad counseling. Ivyprep is proud of the achievement that 100% of students are admitted to leading universities in the US such as Harvard, Cornell, Stanford, etc. and are awarded with an annual scholarship of 30%-99%.

As an expert in the field of training and study abroad consulting, IvyPrep is proud to be a partner with many quality universities and high schools in the US, Canada, and Australia. These include: Northeastern University, American University, University of Arizona, Center College, Lake Forest Academy, Worcester Academy, Villagia School, Queen University, Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia…


Do not hesitate to contact the Study Abroad Service for immediate support:

Tel: 0905 279 098

Email: [email protected]

To get more information about the program, please visit: