For most students, high school represents a transition to independence, adulthood, and a step away from childhood. This milestone of change can confuse some children as well as the parents themselves. SNS understands that this transition period is a memorable moment in a student’s learning journey. Thus, the school would like to share some useful tips to accompany parents in helping their children to adapt quickly to the new environment.

Build the children’s confidence and social skills

Transitioning to the Middle Years means you are restarting as the youngest students at this level. Children may encounter many unfamiliar faces in a completely new learning environment, which has an important impact on their confidence and social skills.

To build confidence and make friends at this period of time, students have the option to join the school’s group activities and clubs after school. Here, children can show their talents and meet friends with similar interests, from which they feel comfortable and easy to develop new friendships.

Students have the option to join the school’s group activities and clubs after school

Parents should take the time to encourage their children to make the decisions that are best for them. The diverse extracurricular activities at SNS, including Photography, Basketball, and Student-led Community Activities demonstrate SNS’s focus and interest in the diverse interests of its students. The school creates conditions for children to follow their dreams, discover new ambitions, meet friends with similar interests to share their experience and happiness.

Understand that your children are conquering new challenges on their intellectual journey

Middle-High School presents a variety of challenges, requiring students to develop skills such as proactive learning and organizing personal problems for effective learning and self-training.
Continuing the high standard academic foundation from the Primary School, the Middle School curriculum at BVIS helps students to increase their access to international education. The content of teaching and knowledge imparted in English is up to 100% in the International system and 50% in the Bilingual system to meet the rigorous demands of the future exam. They explore a variety of subjects, promote creative thinking and curiosity, and are passionate about finding challenges in many fields.

Understand that your children are conquering new challenges on their intellectual journey

Parents should monitor the change in their children’s daily learning by taking time in the evening to have intimate conversations, listening to their children talk about a day at school. Academic grades are important, but in addition to that, your athletic achievements, extracurricular activities, or enthusiasm for community service are equally worthy of praise and encouragement

The link between School and Family

SNS focuses on developing close, lasting connections with parents, and creating conditions for parents to accompany and contribute to the student’s learning journey.
One of the biggest change parents need to get used to in high school is having more subject teachers. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to contact the appropriate teacher when necessary.

SNS focuses on developing close, lasting connections with parents

Unlimited support

It is normal for students to experience anxiety and timidity when entering the transition period from Primary to Secondary. New and unfamiliar experiences can create feelings of insecurity and alienation for children at a time when society is facing many unstable challenges such as the COVID pandemic. The school encourages parents to spend more time talking openly and honestly with their children about this aspect.

SNS teachers and staff build a culture of child protection in teaching, leadership development, and relationship building. The school also encourages open communication towards a stronger relationship between students and teachers.

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